New drawing tools!

I've been debating on investing in new refillable drawing pens - I'm so happy I did!

The new pens are Staedtler Mars Matic Technical Pens - they can be refilled via pre-filled cartridges or by bottles ink into the ink well they come with. I have the .25 (which is very fine and took some getting used to) and the .5 (which is a bit thicker than I'm used to). I'll purchase the .35 when I sell ma few more images, I think it'll be perfect ;)

Similar pens to these are the Rotring Technical Pens but the investment is much larger. I'm super happy with the Staedtler so don't see the need for the extra expense right now - unless someone can convince me otherwise!

Cock-a-Doodle is also available now as a colouring page in my etsy store. Remember to share your finished pages with me!!