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Chameleon Color Tones Markers

I think most people that follow me know I'm a alcohol marker fan, they are my #1 go to art supply for colour, next would be acrylic inks. They aren't the cheapest art supply however, so I'm always on the look out for new brands in different price ranges. In a recent search I came across these Chameleon Color Tones markers and was really intrigued to try them out but of course figured they wouldn't be available down here in NZ - to my surprise after a quick email I received a friendly reply letting me know they had just been released in several NZ art supply stores (I'll list where at the end of this post ;) ). Needless to say I was down at my local picking up a couple to take home and try. They are available individually, in packs of 5 or the full set of 20 which includes a separate blender pen and a black drawing pen. Prices will be a little different everywhere but range from around $13 a marker to $270 for the full set.

At first these markers have the same thing going on as most - double ended with a replaceable japanese brush and bullet nib at opposite ends, the end with the brush nib is distinctively marked with a grey band like normal too. That's where the similarity ends though.


The Chameleon Color Tone markers come with a built in blender added to the end that allows you to create neat gradations without having to blend with several other markers like you would have needed to with other brands. You simply insert the marker nib into the blender cap (keeping it vertical) and it effectively bleaches the coloured nib for a short time allowing you to created smooth gradients without any hassle!

I did find that the first few times I used the marker that there was a bit of banding but as the nib softened up a bit this was remedied. It also takes a little practice to know how long to hold the coloured marker nib into the blender chamber as to long and you have no colour at all to start with and to short and there's pretty much no change. I worked out about a 5 count was perfect for what I wanted to colour the image below but it could change for every piece you colour with them - it's all up to you!

After playing around with the 3 colours I purchased I have decided that I will purchase more in the future - I like these Chameleon Color Tones markers but probably not for straight colouring but more for the cool watercolour like effect they give that I can utilise to give more depth to my pieces. I do think they'd make things so much easier if you were needing to work highlights into your drawings often, they would definitely make that job easier & faster!

Here's a little timelapse I made using the Chameleon Color Tones - please forgive the amateur-ness of it, I'll practice more I promise ;)

For my fellow kiwis that want to try out these markers, here's the list of retailers that I was given:

- Deco Frame & Heat, Whangarei
- French Art, Auckland
- Takapuna Art, Auckland
- The Red Studio, Mount Maunganui
- Taupo Hobbies, Taupo
- Hastings Rubber Stamps, Hastings
- Humanity Books & Art, Hastings
- Ochre Arts, Palmerston North
- Letfbank Art Supplies, Wanganui
- Craft haven, Inglewood
- French Art, Wellington
- Stamps Plus, Nelson
- Impressions, Richmond
- The Drawing Room, Christchurch
- Papertree, Christchurch
- Artfull Crafts Timaru
- Art Zone, Dunedin
- Art Supplies Southland, Invercargill

This is not a paid advertisement nor do I have any affiliation with any of the companies/brands/businesses mentioned in this post. This is purely a personal review of a new product I have tried and wanted to share.