A new mini journal & a finished page

Wow nearly a month!
 If you follow me on instagram you'll know I've been pretty busy drawing, drawing, drawing! I can't share what they're all for at the moment but hopefully soon I will. I've got a bit of time now before my next deadline so I wanted to fill it with some messy coloured pages I could finish fast, it's been so long since I've finished anything in colour - I've been longing for it...

So during our crazy trip out for new year school supplies (who knew a 6 year old could be so excited over new school books) I brought a wee A5 hardcover journal and some of the cheapest fluoro paints - sometimes the cheapest are the best. The paints I got from the dollar store for $2.50 and the book was $4 - bargain!!

Now I have my first little super neon doodle mix page - enjoy xx