Art Journaling & a little grrrrr

Going to start with the grrrrrr. It's nothing really, but don't you hate it when you've written something and just about to sign off, you do something stupid and it all disappears?

I just did that! Had almost finished writing this post about art journaling, then I deleted the post instead of just the link I didn't want anymore, so grrrrrrrrrrrr. I'd like to say I won't do that again but I more than likely will!

Now onto what the post was meant to be about!

Do you remember the Dylusions Creative Journal I got a while ago to doodle in?

Well I don't like it anymore. Not for doodling in anyway, the pages don't like my eraser or my marker pens very much, so I've retired it from that purpose. It's still a great journal though, so I figured I'd use it for what it was made for - Art Journaling!

I had no idea where to start until I happened upon Rae Missigman on instagram and commented on her beautiful mail art - which I'm now expecting to get one of my very own in the mail soon, yay! Rae pointed me to her website so I could pass on my details through her email. It was a trap, lol, I instantly fell in love with her beautiful mixed media work. It's really bright, fresh and happy! Rae also has started giving herself a time limit of 15 minutes to complete a mixed media spread in her journal. This gave me the inspiration I needed to get started in my own art journal! I really suggest you go check them out, they're really relaxing to watch and you're filled with inspiration when you finish.

I was, I tried it, I loved it!

Ok, it took me more like 25 minutes to do the base and then I doodled on it all night, but it was FUN and now I think I have the bug. I'm off to do another spread!


Ha ha, I shouldn't share this because you'll see just how cluttered my brain is right now, but I just saved this post and the old post I was grrrr-ing about is sitting all nice and pretty and ready to go in my admin panel - ha ha what a silly head!