Todays desk!

Yay! Welcome back for another look at todays desk.

Nothing much has changed really, still lots on it (it's a MESS) but nothing quite finished! I do have this sleepy studio kitty hogging desk space today though ;)

And he inspired me to start drawing this kitty!

This weekend I taught Miss B to make paper beads. She picked it up pretty well I think!

We added some sparkles to them (the "fun part" according to her) and we will be making a garland out of them for our Christmas tree this year. As we have just returned home we have no Christmassy stuff so we'll be crafting up a storm this year and I hope to post some little tutorials that are easy to do with your kiddos.

Also on my desk, quietly taunting me over how beautiful our house could be if we only owned it - is this months lovely edition of Your Home & Garden! Hopefully I'll have time to ready it before January ;)

That's all for now lovelies!

Angel xxx