Todays Desk!

Here's that update I promised last week! It's also a new regular category, I figure if I have nothing finished to share, I can at least show you all what is on the go on my desk at the minute. Plus it should be a easy enough thing for me to keep up with ;)

So without further rambling - Todays Desk looks like this!

As you can see, I'm still working on Mamma Owl & Chicklet, Golden Heart (Tuis & Kowhai) and a giant 'Doodle Mix'. They are taking awhile as they get put on the back burner everytime a urgent design job, or illustration job pops up. An illustration job is what's going down on my actual desk, I can't say to much but hopefully I can soon!

Soooo, that's what's on 'Todays Desk'. Seeing it myself is making me think I draw to many Owls!

To many Owls! Ha ha - never!