It's Me Angel!

Hello, I'm Angel!

I tend to ramble a bit so I apologize in advance for that. You’ll get used to it - I hope!

I’m a kiwi, that's a New Zealander, from waaaay down there at the bottom of the world. A small, beautiful country that punches well above it's weight creatively!

My family and I have only been home for awhile, we like to change the scenery and have hopped between NZ and Aussie a couple of times in the last 4 years.

I’ve drawn all my life and I'm a graphic designer by trade - currently I work for me - freelancing - but I am available for 9 to 5 if anyone of you needs are hard working creative type that can get a little crazy! In a fun way of course :)

I'm hoping that my art has brought you here. Art making in my studio is where I want to be 90% of my time, it makes me happy and I've been told it makes others happy and inspired too. This makes me doubly happy and want to create so much more!

I'd love to hear what you think about my art, so please comment as much as you want or email me and I promise to get back to you - sometimes I'm a little slow, but I will answer, don't fret. I'm pretty laid back so I hope you feel that through out my site, please enjoy it!

Catch you around,

Angel xxx