August Blooms

I've been meaning to create an piece inspired by my sketch book piece here, for awhile now. Finally done it!

Here's August Blooms >>>

Now I'm going to share some working shots of how I did it.

Sorry I missed a photo of doodling flowers on top of the coloured circles, but I'm sure you get it! :)

What do you think of my latest piece?

If you'd like a print of August Blooms email me here or check out my new Red Bubble shop!

New drawing tools!

I've been debating on investing in new refillable drawing pens - I'm so happy I did!

The new pens are Staedtler Mars Matic Technical Pens - they can be refilled via pre-filled cartridges or by bottles ink into the ink well they come with. I have the .25 (which is very fine and took some getting used to) and the .5 (which is a bit thicker than I'm used to). I'll purchase the .35 when I sell ma few more images, I think it'll be perfect ;)

Similar pens to these are the Rotring Technical Pens but the investment is much larger. I'm super happy with the Staedtler so don't see the need for the extra expense right now - unless someone can convince me otherwise!

Cock-a-Doodle is also available now as a colouring page in my etsy store. Remember to share your finished pages with me!!


Whats been going on?

It's been super busy here at Hello Angel Creative Studios! So to catch you up here's the last few months in insta photos!

Trim-A-Rim Giveaway!

Whoop whoop, a GIVEAWAY!!!

It's not really mine... but my art is part of it. Go check out the Trim-A-Rim website to find out more about them and play around in the design studio, it's so much fun!

To get in on the giveaway you're going to need to pop on over to the Trim-A-Rim Facebook page, give it a like and comment in the linked post what 2 rims of mine you like best - don't forget to put your country in the comment too :)

This is really such a neat product, in my household we use them on the fridge for shopping reminders, as a mini planner of what's on this week and just to leave each other notes :)